The CodeBuild Tax

05 Dec 2020

AWS CodeBuild Pricing

AWS EC2 Pricing

Instance Type CodeBuild Price (hr) EC2 Price (hr)
7-8G 4vcpu x86 $0.01*60= $0.60 $0.17
15-16G 8vcpu x86 $0.02*60= $1.20 $0.34
16G 8vcpu arm64 $0.015*60= $0.90 $0.308
144G 74vcpu x86 $0.20*60= $12.0 $3.06

Ignoring image storage, you save 3-4x by provisioning your own EC2 Batch instead of using CodeBuild.

$0.00756 per hour is the cost of AWS Lambda at 128M. That’s 22x less than the 8G 4vcpu EC2.

S3 is $0.005 per 1000 writes, $0.0004 per 1000 reads. No bandwidth cost for in-region transfers -1 kb vs 1 G is the same price. Storage is $0.023 per GB. Huge savings chunking small files and using compression.

For example the zstd git repo has 497 files and is 71224 KB, 69544 KB as a tarball, 56608 KB at zstd level 19. You save 99% of the access charges and 25% of the space.