Faster Clang

05 Jul 2018

Sticky notes on web applicaion generation systems. Expect a lot of edits

Web application programming has gone full derp. Nobody can keep up with all the server frameworks, client frameworks, clouds, and data stores.

For a long time I have envisioned using two domain specific lanugages to generate web applications. One for the data model, and one for user interaction. MySQL+Yesod+Angular, PostGres+Django+Android … it would all “just work”. You would then apply target specific transformations and voila full stack development with minimal tie in to any specific technology/vendor.

The gets a long way there on the data side. For now it is still tied to a JVM server side ecosystem, but it renders to several web front end frameworks. It’s JDL modeling language is a great first start. I need to delve in further to see how it departs from Yesod/Django/Rails models; but I see two things it still is lacking or I have overlooked. Authentication requirements of data elements and support beyond SQL RDBMS for AWS S3 style file stores; not to mention geolocation data types should probably be default.

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