03 Apr 2016

I’ve set a goal of competing in the Masters Division at the Penn Relays when I turn 40. General notes on my workout plans.

Jonas Dodoo’s [seminar] ( on acceleration drills. The band and sled work look approachable. Piston vs cycle in my acceleration phase has always been an issue.

Clyde Hart’s 400m training manual. Too much “speed endurence” for my taste but it’s a classic.

Bolt’s plolymetrics.

Bolt’s extended off track workout.

Squats, leg press, and leg extension seem to be his goto for quads.

Hang cleans for hammies.

Bunny hops, box jumps, strides, frog hops for calves.

Bench for the heck of it.

Reverse crunches and heavy back extension are interesting. Back extensors are something you really have to work into or you will throw out your back. Especially from force of leg extensions at heavy weight. One leg RDLs?

Apparently Drake offers Alumni memberships for $240 :)

Fitbit Charge for resting heartrate will be interesting. I am a fan of doing 200m repeats at a set pace. I will need to write a script that pulls them out or get a bluetooth clicker.

Diet I will have to start doing Sunday meal prep.

Monday 200m repeats or Hills

Tuesday 100m repeats

Wednesday 400m repeats or 3x10x100 at fixed intervals

Thursday 60m repeats, 1 leg bunny hops, high skip

Finish off with leg press and leg extension on Monday and Thursday when indoor

Monday Squat, Hang Clean, Ground/Overhead

Tuesday Side Squat, Hang Clean, Ground/Overhead

Wed Lunges, Hang Clean, Ground/Overhead

Thursday Deadlifts, 1-leg RDL

Evening M-Th

100 calf raises, 1 min plank, reverse crunches, pullups